Tamaki Primary


Our School

Tamaki Primary School is located in Panmure and is a multicultural school catering for students in Years 1-8. The school promotes respectful relationships focused on learning and reflects our five core values of:

  • Rangimarie (Peacefulness)
  • Whanaungatanga (strong family and community relationships)
  • Manaakitanga (caring and hospitality)
  • Tuku Marie (tolerance)
  • Ako (learning from each other)

Our students are enthusiastic and keen to learn. They appreciate and value the range of opportunities provided for them to participate in sporting, cultural and academic learning programmes.

Tamaki Primary School is part of a digital learning community and participates fully in the Manaiakalani Community of Learning - Kāhui Ako -  which has every child using a digital device as a learning tool. Learning and teaching is visible and you are able to see your child's classroom learning site, make encouraging comments on children's blogs and be informed about your child's learning.  If you enrol at Tamaki Primary, you will meet teachers who have a very strong work ethic and a genuine love for the children they teach.