March 2 2018



      Tāmaki Primary School

                         Whaia te ara tika


2 March 2018

Next Week at Tāmaki – The Dental Caravan is on site at the school for the next two weeks – they will be checking and catching up with the oral health of our children. PLEASE be aware that the caravan is in our carpark.




7 March

Special Performance from Lucas Proudfoot for all children

at Tāmaki Primary. This is funded by the school.


8 March




9 March

School Assembly at 2pm.











You can now ring us free on this number to let the office know about absences.


 Want to Help at School??


If you have offered to help in the classrooms we will be getting in touch with you next week to get our group started. We would still love to have more parents involved so if you are able to give an hour of your time a week please give your name and contact details to the office.


We are looking for helpers for our cultural groups – Samoan, Tongan, Kapa Haka, Cook Islands, Niuean - these groups are an important part of our school life at Tāmaki.




Whanau Conferences – Thursday 8th March

 The more you engage with the school the better your child’s achievement and progress will be. Educating your child has to be a team effort.

We strongly encourage you to make the time to attend the Whanau Conferences along with your child. Appointment forms have been sent home and Sharon has been busy allocating times.

If you haven’t sent back your form or haven’t received a form, please come to the office to get an appointment or ask your child to get one from the office.


Children are part of this process and are expected to attend the appointment with you.


REMINDER – School will finish for the children at 12 Noon on Thursday to allow the Whanau Conferences to begin at 1pm.




Hangi Fundraiser – Thursday 8th March


This fundraiser is to help fund the Year 7 & 8 camp in Term 2. We take this group to camp every two years and try to give the children as many new experiences as we can – this year we have booked abseiling, kayaking and orienteering. It is a big expense for our families and the more we fund raise the more we can bring down the costs for everyone.


Our staff are busy planning for this fundraiser and we are asking for help on the day from parents – if you are able to give a few hours of your time on Thursday please call, message or drop into the office – it would be appreciated.


If you can’t give your time you can show your support by buying hangi!


We are pre-selling the tickets at the school office - $10 will get you a delicious hangi!




2018 Pool Day


The day began wet, but that didn’t prevent our children from making the most of the day! As always we can be proud of the behaviour and attitude of all our children. It was a great team-building day. A big thank you to all the staff who worked hard organising the day, ensuring it was a great experience for everyone.
























New Caretaker at Tāmaki


Next week we welcome Mike Beeston to our school team. Mike is a former pupil of Tāmaki Primary and it is pleasure to have him join our staff as our new caretaker.


School Attendance


Regular attendance school is a big focus for all of us this year.


Teaching and learning programmes are planned carefully and new learning in presented to our children in a sequence – if children are absent or late they miss parts of these learnings and have to catch up, which can be difficult for them.

 We want all our children to reach their full potential and we work hard to provide learning programmes to achieve this goal.


School Playground – After Hours


It is great to see many of our children using our playground outside of school hours. We would like to remind families that there is no adult supervision outside of school hours. You should be aware of where your children are, who they are playing with and what they are doing. There have been some older children and young adults around the school on the weekends and late afternoon – we do not know these people and we have had a small amount of tagging and damage – if you see or hear of anything that is of concern do not hesitate to call 111 – the police will help us keep our school a safe place.