COVID-19 Update 25 March

Tena koutou e te whanau o Tamaki Primary,

Please read this urgent update from the Ministry of Education and also some information about home learning packs and devices.

Home learning packs and school devices

I would like to inform you that our teachers have tried their best to contact whanau in the last 24 hours with support for food, learning packs and digital devices. If whanau have not come to school to pick up learning packs or responded to our text messages around loaning a school owned device, then we had attempted to deliver these home today. Classes where ipads were not already being used, did not receive a device as to avoid improper use/damage. We expect all devices to be returned to school when we reopen and hope that our children can enjoy learning through their class sites.

State of Emergency declared

A nationwide message will go out to all of New Zealand between 6pm and 7pm this evening. It is vital that all your community understand how crucial it is that they self-isolate within their group, minimise travel, practice physical distancing when outside their group and outside, and practice very good hygiene for the next 4 weeks.

There will be no tolerance for people who don’t self-isolate.

Schools are closed

After 11.59pm today, no one is to go on site to schools during the lockdown. If there is an emergency Police and/or Fire services will respond.

Government announcement about children aged 0 – 14 of Essential Workers
Further to our Bulletin content about self-isolating groups (circles of care), Government has confirmed the following arrangements today.  Where possible, essential workers need to make their own arrangements for childcare from Thursday 26 March until the end of the lockdown, due to limited capacity.

Where this is not possible alternative arrangements have been made so essential workers can continue to work.

What essential workers need to know when making their own arrangements
Essential workers will need to use their existing networks for in home care, for example a neighbour, relative, friend or current carer/nanny who can come to their house, or provide childcare in their own home. There are Public Health rules that must be observed:

  • The person caring for your child becomes part of your self-isolating group
  • This group must remain the same for the whole period
  • The carer must not care for children from other households (other than their own) over the same period
  • If a child or carer becomes unwell, they must stay at home

If essential workers do not have access to childcare through their own networks
If essential workers are unable to access childcare to perform their essential service, the government will fund other licensed childcare providers (for example through PORSE, Barnados and Edubase / Home Grown Kids) to provide in home care to the children aged 0-14 of essential workers. The carer would be subject to the same Public Health rules as set out above.

For the purposes of providing care to children of essential workers, the in home carer will be classified as an essential worker in both cases.

Initial list of contact details for providers

School owned devices, reopening and key contacts:

As soon as we are informed, we will advise you with when school will reopen but the hope is in 4 weeks time. If you have an issue with the device that has been sent home please contact FUSION helpdesk on 09 801 2800.  If you need support regarding pastoral or social support during the isolation/lockdown please contact me on 021 08471039 or email Our teachers will be working on their class sites so please do get your children to engage in their learning – . Enjoy the time with your whanau and remember to allow kids to have some fun during this stressful time in isolation and if you need more information please visit our COVID-19 parents info page.

Be kind (manaakitanga) and be safe,


Lou Reddy

Acting Principal