Newsletter – 7th August 2020

Message from the Principal

Mrs Rhonda Kelly Resigns as Principal

The Board of Trustees have received a letter informing them of Mrs Rhonda Kelly’s decision to resign. She believes that her health is not able to withstand the pressures of being a leader of such a dynamic school.

Whaea Rhonda has been a precious member of this school community for over 25 years; in fact she used to live right beside the school as a child, and attended here as a student since she was five years old. Tamaki has been an integral important part of her life.

She was 10 years as Deputy Principal and 5 as the Principal. The community that she has worked with is extraordinary. She knows all the families, the businesses and the challenges of our community. She started teaching at Glen Innes Primary and then taught at Maungawhau and then spent seven years in Taranaki before coming here again.

We will be having a Farewell for Mrs Rhonda Kelly on the 18th of September. All whanau are invited to the farewell. Details of the event will be sent closer to the date.


Tuakana Teina – Reading Together and Reading at home

It is very important for children to read everyday at school and at home. All juniors and middle school students are provided with a reader to take home. Please take 15 minutes everyday to listen to your child read at home.

We have been trying hard to improve the reading mileage of our junior students. Everyday our middle and senior students read with our juniors to support them with their reading.


Kiwi Harvest

Every Monday we have lots of food delivered by Kiwi Harvest at the school. Please come in and help yourselves after 2pm. This is all for free. Watch out for your facebook notifications to see when it is ready to be picked up.


Chargers for Chromebooks

We are still short of chargers at school. Children have not returned them after lockdown.

Please could you bring the chargers back to school if you have them at home.


Te Reo Maori in School

All children at Tamaki Primary will be receiving half an hour lessons in Te Reo Maori every week. Te Reo is one of the official languages of New Zealand and it is important that every child in New Zealand learns the language. Matua Andre will be taking these classes.

Thank you to all the parents and caregivers who attended the two meetings for Graduate Profile for Tamaki last week. Your input is very valuable for us, in leading and planning for the best future of our children. We are in the process of collating the information and will soon be able to share the Profile for mainstream Tamaki Primary and The Maori Unit,Te Puna Wairua.

Year 7 and 8 Camp

Thank you again to the parents who attended the camp meeting last week. Education outside School is an important part of the curriculum and this year Our students will be going to camp at Raglan. It will be a wonderful experience for our children where they will engage in activities like archery, waterslides, swimming and many more. It would be appreciated if you send in a koha of $ 70 as your contribution towards the fees for the camp for your child. This koha can be deposited at the school office or ring the school office at 09-5276345.

Mothers and Daughters Evening

It was wonderful to see so many mothers, aunties and grandmothers, caregivers come to the ‘Mothers and Daughter’s Evening’. It was the most valuable time spent where they talked to each other about their strengths and building self esteem. We learnt how to explore unique confidence building techniques and also learnt skills to strengthen the relationship between mothers and daughters.

Volleyball Tournament

Congratulations to our year 5, Year 6 year 7 and year 8 volleyball teams who competed at the Cluster Volleyball Tournament at Selwyn College this week. The year 8’s won 4 out of 6 of their games! Thank you to our coaches Mrs Tafea and Mrs Jalili!

Job At Tamaki


We are looking for someone who could help us mend our bikes. If you are that person, could you see Mr. Dale or ring the school office to let us know when you will be available. This is a paid job.

Phone – 09- 5276345


Upcoming Event

We will be having Whanau Conferences on the 13th of August from 1 pm to 7:30 pm. Please book in your times for the conference. We would love to see each one of you to discuss your child’s learning.

School will be finishing at 12pm on Thursday 13th August due to the Whanau Conferences